Rodeos - Serendipity Lynn Harrington

Fortuna 2017 Participants please go to "Contact Form" in the menu above and email me.

Other visitors please click on photos below for galleries.

If you are a rodeo participant and you  have participated in Orick or Fortuna 2017  OR you can find yourself here, please contact me for a free web sized photo without a watermark (my name plastered over it).  If you are a bull rider or bull fighter please contact me for a free larger sized printable photo. For other years I have thousands of photos not listed on this web site, organized by year and town. 2016 galleries and older have many more photos than 2017.

This year and 2016 photos are in separate galleries, other years are organized by event/animal. "fours" are good photos but not as clear as "fives" which are the main folder.

All photos here are from CCPRA events in the Northern Coastal California area. I am a photographer member of the CCPRA. Thank you all CCPRA members for your courage and beauty.

NOTE: Grainy, DARK night photos are just that. My camera doesn't do well in low light, and anything above 400 ISO is usually unusable. However, I think these are interesting and thought some participants might enjoy them.

Some photos are cropped, exposure corrected, shadows reduced and contrast applied.  

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