And then there was light

5/7/2016  Photo last year

Shooting in RAW.  I don't have the most expensive camera out there. It's fine for detail, but it doesn't do well in low light, even with a 2.8F lens. Here is a photo I took a week or so after I broke my 2.8 when I had to duck a bull running through a fence I was behind- so it was even worse. I had to use my 300mm 4.5 - 5.6 lens, which is a lens that is only good in good light, and there was no light. It was dusk, and the street lights used in the area were not the brightest.

This was shot at 1/800s of a second.


Untitled photo

And after

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

This was shot in RAW and the exposure upped 2 stops. Shadow protection, color saturation and contrast added. Some noise taken out. I was a little surprised at how much light was gained. Not every dark photo is recoverable. The sky was unusable. Technically not a good photo- but I like it as a crop.

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