Serendipity123    Photography     Lynn Harrrington

Serendipity; A joyous happenstance. A damn lucky accident, resulting in a smooth and graceful accomplishment, realization or state of being. A fortunate confluence of diverging elements. And further, the feelings of joy and confidence such things bring. That "AHA!!!" moment. Serendipity does not rule out talent or hard work, but sometimes is the natural result of such. And sometimes not. A well executed bull ride. A truly inspired short poem. A high speed photograph with the right compositions. That charmed and magically sequenced day on a road trip. Meeting a future friend in an unusually timed incident. Everything falling perfectly into place in  one    quick    moment.

All photos here are reduced quality for easier loading onto the website. For examples of higher quality photos please choose "Larger Photos" on the menu above. Although these examples are not original quality either, they are still much larger files and dial up is not recommended. Quality and finer details will vary a great deal depending on what computer monitor you have.

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